Scones and DelPo

Good morning! A day off with hours of W. Starting my morning with Scones and a DelPo match. Have to have my Harney and Sons Dorchester Breakfast Tea. We were lucky enough to stay at the Dorchester in London for a weekend (Wow! that is all I can say about that place. Amazing) and discovered this tea there. Happy July 4th to everyone and enjoy the tennis. My highlight match today is of course Federer back on the grass of the Championships.

2 thoughts on “Scones and DelPo

  1. My! Those scones look good!!!
    Very British!
    I’m looking forward to the other meals thru’ Wimbledon fortnight!
    (not much pressure, then)?!!!

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  2. My! Those scones look yummy!
    A Very British Treat!
    Loving the food so far!
    I’m just wondering what’s on the menu for the rest of the tournament!!! Ha!☺☺☺

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