Bubble n Squeak for Manic Monday

What a day! The day all players left play (unless your prior match goes so long you get bumped into the next day). And it didn’t disappoint. Two American women and one American man through to the quarters (Go Venus!). And my fav Federer made it through. But that Rafa match… I had to listen at work and got a chance to watch some at lunch. I leave my desk thinking “It will be over when I get back”, but no. It just kept going and going and going. This is what I love about tennis. The dedication to the competition. The fight! What an effort by both Rafa and Gilles. This and the Murray match from last week are why I watch.

So I made a little noise of my own for dinner, Bubble and Squeak with roasted chicken. I actually did get a squeak when I made it once. It literally all puffed up and a little bubble popped and a squeak of steam came out. But not this time. Tasted really good, though.

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