Thank you, Judy Murray!

Judy Murray Post

I’m not the biggest reader, so when I do get through a book, it’s one I really want to read. I just finished up Judy Murray’s Knowing the Score. This book is two tales of one extraordinary woman. One we are familiar with, Andy and Jamie’s mom/coach, but the other, pioneering female coach, Scottish tennis advocate, and champion for women in tennis, is a much lesser known story.

What I don’t think most people know about Judy Murray is that she too was a professional tennis player. And all of her life has had a tremendous love for the sport. So naturally she wanted to share this sport with her family and her community. She started on her path to expand Scottish tennis and teach the sport to her community, but she was unfortunately living in a time when women just didn’t become coaches and tennis just wasn’t valued. Judy Murray battled her way to break through gender barriers and financial challenges to become one of the most successful coaches in tennis today.

Because of her hard work, the UK has had one of the most successful men’s singles and doubles players as well as a thriving tennis culture and a group of successful British women players. It all focuses on keeping children engaged in sport and having fun while they gain the skills that will launch them into a complete player. She has laid the base for these opportunities with her Miss-Hits and Tennis on the Road programs.

British sport has honored her, but she is still one very internationally under recognized woman, but one tennis and sport should be very thankful for. She is a very humble woman. I really don’t think she realizes the positive addition she has been in the tennis world.

I hope one day, she is more widely known for her work, and I hope one day I can get a chance to see her speak in person here in the states. Being a female tennis fan, club player, and weekend athlete, I would like to say thank you to her for all she has done. She truly has added so much to sport. And I also hope that you get a chance to read this book and see what she has added to the tennis and sporting world, and what it took for her to do so.

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