The US Open is… Open

The US Open has begun…and it hasn’t disappointed. Maria’s thrilling comeback and Alexander Zverev’s stunning exit have made it one to watch. Unfortunately my Trojan, Stevie Johnson is still struggling. Fight on, Stevie, Fight On! Our hearts go out to you right now. And with the weather, how exciting was Wednesday with 85 matches to pull you in so may different directions. We were watching on the ESPN app on the multimatch channel. They kept rotating in all of theses can’t miss matches. I was a kid with a shinny object popping up every few minutes. This was the way to watch Wednesday.

If you are like me, you are yawing though your days  from late night matches and your attention is on your US Open phone app. One of the 8 weeks I’m not so productive at work.

So we haven’t been up to the Open yet this year, but here is what I’m seeing that I’m going to look out for when I get there.

US Open App

There are so many things to take advantage of. And if you have the US Open app on your phone, it make it easier to keep in all in one place. Under the “More” tab there are icons to all the fun. Guest Info has all sorts of FAQs and helpful tips. There is a map of the grounds, but the first tab you should hit the day you are going is the Event Guide. That will tell you all the special sponsorships and events happening that day – like today is Evian Day with a giveaway and there are photo ops with the Emirates cabin crew. It has info on a featured booth and that day’s special attractions.

Chase has a charge and watch. You can pick up a devise and charge your phone while you watch exclusive coverage of the event.

Amex has gone all out this year. If you enroll with  your Amex card, there are all kinds of specials. There is my favorite – the free radio to listen to the commentators on the grounds. And a special on shopping at participating booths with your Amex card. There is the American Express Fan Experience that I’ll check out as well as American Express Air Tennis. They have an Ace Toss Photo Experience to get an overhead shot just as you’re about to serve. And something I’m really hoping to participate in, if there is time, Fan Court Programming – the only full-size court fan’s can play on with player appearances. They even have a Card Member Club.

Bracket Challenge – You can pick your brackets and have your friends pick theirs too. And then see how you do against each other.

Open Access

Another feature of the app is Open Access. You sign up for a QR code and then as you visit the booths you scan the code. Some booths have Photo ops and the photos show up in your app. You can then share them out with Facebook and Twitter. These code scans will earn you badges, and if you earn enough badges you can be entered for prizes.  I’ll let you know how all of this goes.

Dean and Deluca

There is an added public dining option I’m excited about this year, Dean & Deluca. They showed this lobster roll on TV that we are drooling over. Not to mention the other options they have. This will be a must on the food list this year.

And to top off the day…

You can’t pass on the Grey Goose Honey Deuce or the Champagne. I haven’t seen the Champagne bar listed this year, so it may just be Honey Deuces. We’ll see, but it will be a refreshing way to end the day.

So I’ll report back what this all shook out to be. Stay tuned…

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