The Gifts of Tennis

Tennis has been a gift in my life for many reasons. It has taught me how to solve problems and handle situations through competition, work through tough times from injury, and to win gracefully. It has given me entertainment and a lifestyle through being a fan.

But there is also the Stuff you can get too! And I got a lot through the holiday season (that also includes my birthday).

The first gift we received was a pair of wooden salad servers shaped like tennis racquets (too clever!). This was thank you to our very wonderful friends in the UK. What a find. They will be fun to use with a cold salad during the hot days of Wimbledon!

Next up was a pair of tickets to a match at the inaugural New York Open.  Very excited to have some live tennis to see in winter so close to home. And a supply of tennis balls was added to this gift, always appreciated.

Next came a box of Dean & Deluca bio nutrition bars. They are a sponsor of the US Open and have a new Dean & Deluca performance line. This year at the US Open they had samples and I loved the Ginger and Tumeric.

And last up two books…

Knowing the Score by Judy Murray and Unstoppable by Maria Sharapova.

I have long admired Judy Murray and think she has not received nearly enough credit for her role in tennis and women’s sports in total. I’m looking forward to reading about her life’s journey through tennis.

And a woman who has long been a force in tennis, Maria Sharapova. I know she has her controversy, but you can’t take away from her that she loves tennis and fights with every breath she has for the sport. I admire that fight in any player.

I’ll report back on the books once I get through them.

So… as I write this, the first games of the 2018 Australian Open have started and I have a lot of tennis to watch over the next two weeks. Happy AO!





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